Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Uttarakhand people make a siphoning & gulping sound while drinking Tea, for a reason

Written by Anil Singh

Many Uttarakhand people, particularly those who are always living in some hilly village OR who spent their childhood, make a siphoning followed by a gulping sound while drinking Tea, for a reason.

And the reason is quite scientific.

Normally what happens is, when we eat or drink something, primarily three senses are involved: Taste, Smell and Touch (tongue for taste, nose for smell and fingers for touch). But when we make a distinct sound while eating or drinking; we involve one more sense -- the sense of hearing (via ear).

People in many cultures believe that making sound increases the taste of the food or a drink.

So, next time if some brethren from some Uttarakhand village OR your dad, who has spent his childhood there, makes a siphoning following by a big gulping sound; silently applaud him for being scientific.

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