Friday 21 June 2013

Narendra Modi donates just 2 Crores for Uttarakhand Relief

Written by Anil Singh

The Gujarat CM and BJP's PM candidate, Narendra Modi, keeps blaming the Congress led Central government for being partial towards Gujarat. That may or may not be true. But what happened now. At a time when the people of Uttarakhand need the monetary help from other states; the talkative Modi gives just Rs 2 crores! This when, thousands of Gujaratis visit Uttarakhand shrines every Yatra season.

In contrast,  neighbouring Uttar Pradesh gave Rupees 25 crores for Uttarakhand Relief Effort.

Narendra Modi has a big mouth, always trying to take advantage of a situation. At a time when Uttarakhand people needed Help, he showed  he has no empathy for Uttarakhand people. The hurt is even more, when one considers that Gujarat is a prosperous state compared to Uttarakhand and; Uttarakhand People are worthy of only 2 crore relief from Modi. I will not recommend Uttarakhand declining even that small help; as Uttarakhand is a poor state.


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