Monday 23 February 2015

IGNOU Result : Result of All Papers Not Declared Simultaneously

Written by Anil Singh

The result of the last IGNOU TEE was declared a few days ago. This doesn't mean you will necessarily see the result of all the papers, you appeared in the last TEE, simultaneously (or all at once). The IGNOU TEE Result declIGNOU Resultaration Notification means that from the day onward IGNOU will start declaring the results for its various programmes and Courses. It means that from the day onward, you can expect your Grade card to start showing TEE marks. It's perfectly Alright, if you see the result of some of the papers declared and some not. It's also perfectly alright, if you see your Grade card not showing the result of any paper, even when IGNOU results are Declared. Remember, IGNOU doesn't declare the result of all programmes and Courses; and all papers which you appeared in at the same time.    

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