Monday 23 February 2015

5 Confusions Regarding IGNOU Assignments

Written by Anil Singh

IGNOU students have certain confusions regarding IGNOU assignments -- IGNOU Assignment submission, assignment validity etc. We have tried to clear them. IGNOU students have certain confusions regarding IGNOU assignments. These confusions are primarily related to IGNOU Assignment submission, Term End Examinations, IGNOU assignment validity, latest assignments etc. We have tried to clear these IGNOU assignments related confusions in the following five points:

Confusions Regarding IGNOU Assignments1) IGNOU Assignments and IGNOU term end Examination Form are connected:

It's one of the main confusions among students. It must be noted that except for one connection, IGNOU assignments and IGNOU term end examination form are broadly unconnected. The only connection is that : A student has to submit assignment in order to appear in the respective subject's TEE. If assignment is not submitted, then the student is not allowed to apply for the respective paper in TEE. His/her TEE examination form will be accepted only when the Study Centre verifies that the assignment for the said paper has been submitted.

2) You can submit an IGNOU Assignment ONLY with the Term End Examination Form (TEE form):

  This is not TRUE. You can submit assignments WITHOUT submitting the TEE form. The two are not connected with one another. That's you can submit IGNOU assignments without applying for the TEEs of the respective subjects even once. But since, registration for a paper is valid only for 2 years or 4 semesters, hence it's Good to keep clearing the TEEs as well. Else one has to re-register for the paper after 2 years.

 3) IGNOU assignment validity is limited to a Semester or till the paper's registration duration 

  This is NOT True. IGNOU Assignments once submitted and Completed (passed or cleared) are valid for the entire IGNOU programme duration. This applies to Maximum Duration to complete the Programme as well. For instance for IGNOU MBA, the minimum time to complete MBA is 3 years. The maximum time a student can take to complete it is 8 years. The IGNOU assignment validity for IGNOU MBA is thus 8 years. Thus even if someone fails a paper or re-registers for a paper; he/she simply has to reappear in the TEE (if he has already passed the Assignment). That's there's no need to resubmit the ignou assignment for the said paper.

3) You can submit the assignments which you made during the last semester:

This is NOT TRUE. Irrespective of the TEE you plan to appear in, you have to submit ONLY the latest IGNOU Assignments. The latest or new ignou assignments are uploaded in every semester. Hence a student must prepare fresh assignments meant for that semester only.  That's if you plan to submit assignment in January-June 2018 Semester, then you have to create only those assignments  freshly uploaded at the IGNOU website for the said semester. You can't submit some previous assignment which you write, but had not submitted at that time. NOTE: That's why it's always advised to submit prepared assignments at the Study Centre or Regional Centre, irrespective of whether you plan to appear in the upcoming TEE or not.

4) You have to pay LATE FEE for late Submission of Assignments:

  This is NOT True. The fee and Late Fee are for the submission of Examination Form ONLY. If you submit your Examination form after the Last Date then you will have to pay the Late Fee in addition to the examination fee for each paper. The Last date to submit TEE examination form for IGNOU Term End Examinations WITHOUT LATE FEE is March 31st for June TEE and September 30th for December TEE. Hence , if you don't want to submit your IGNOU TEE form with late fee, then submit the assignment and examination form before or on March 31st or September 30. [Read First Point of this article].   To download the fresh IGNOU Assignments or Latest IGNOU Assignments for the current Semester Click Here

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