Sunday 24 June 2018

Simple Rule to decide | Take Admission in BTech / BE or not!

Written by Anil Singh

According to some news reports, private engineering colleges in Uttarakhand are struggling to remain afloat. Students are not interested in taking admission in BTech or BE programmes. The situation is so bad that the bottom 10 engineering colleges couldn't attract a single admission this academic session.

Honestly speaking, there is no surprise that we are seeing such a situation.

So many engineering colleges have mushroomed up in the past fifteen years that the total number of BE/BTech seats have far exceeded the total number of aspirants (Those who want to do engineering).

Should you take admission in BE / BTech or not?

If you have aptitude for understanding engineering subjects and believe that you can become a good engineer, then don't get worried by the discouraging news reports. Choose a good engineering college and take admission.

Remember, irrespective of the market situation, the World will require good engineers. So a good engineer will always have job opportunities at hand.


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