Tuesday 26 June 2018

Uttarakhand Govt. extends Transfer policy for employees with multiple physically challenged children

Written by Anil Singh

Sometimes it is not possible to think about all the beneficiaries of a certain executive rule.

Most of the times, it is.

In the transfer policy for state government employees, the Uttarakhand Government provides for mandatory choice transfer from a hard to an easy station and; if already in an easy station, then no transfer to a hard station, for those employees whose single son/daughter is physically challenged (or a handicap).

In its recent circular, the Uttarakhand Government extended the policy provision to those employees with more than one physically challenged child.

Good change. The Government must be praised for it.

It would have been better, if all possible scenarios were taken care of at the first roll out.

It is not that difficult to think over these obvious situations. If an employee whose single son/daughter (only child) is burdened by extra care the child needs; then the burden is even more for those with more than one physically challenged child.

Over all, a good change.


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