Thursday, 10 November 2011

BSNL increases call rates

Written by Anil Singh

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has increased the call rates for its tariff plans.

New revised call rates:

1) Under the revised call rates, the 1 Paise per second plan, will now be chargeded at 1.2 Paise per second.

Thus, as a consumer you will have to pay Rs 120 instead of Rs 100; for the same duration of calling.

2)National SMS will now cost 70 paise. Earlier it was 60 paise.

Thus to send 100 National SMSes you will have to pay Rs 70; 10 rupees more than what you paid earlier.

3) New rates will apply to roaming as well. While on roaming the local and STD calls made to self or other network will be charged at 59 paise instead of the earlier 49 paise.

4) There is a hike in 49 paise per minute plan as well.

In this plan, the local calls will now be charged at 59 paisa per minute. Cost per SMS is also increased from 49 to 70 Paise.

5) In both 1 minute per second and 49 paise per minute plans, on the two local numbers (which are treated as exceptions to tariff plan) a consumer will have to pay 30 paise per minute. Earlier it was 20 paise per minute.

NOTE: After BSNL, other operators are expected to increase their tariffs as well.

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