Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Uttarakhand Government approves new medical college, university, tourism hub for Tehri district

Written by Anil Singh

The Uttarakhand government today approved a medical college and a university for New Tehri. The new university will be set up at Padshahithaur. The degree college will be set up at Dhauldhar area of Tehri district.

The government will also upgrade four other colleges.

The Uttarakhand Cabinet also gave its approval to develop the Tehri reservoir as a tourism hub. The government has also decided to utilise Rs 250 crore, which was sanctioned by the Centre, for the purpose of development of the Tehri reservoir as a major tourist attraction.

New roads and a drinking water scheme for the area was also sanctioned. The government has agreed to sanction 22 kms of new roads for better connectivity in Tehri region.

Except for a few demands, most of the demands of the Tehri region have now been accepted by the Uttarakhand government.

Notably, Kishore Upadhyay, a Congress MLA had resorted to a fifteen day long fast on these issues early this year.

But the deadlock between the Uttarakhand Government and the residents of Pratapnagar and other nearby areas, to provide passage from Tehri Dam, after the submergence of bridges and roads in the Tehri reservoir, still persists.

The demand of the residents of Pratapnagar and adjoin areas is genuine; as right now they have to take a much longer route to reach Tehri.

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