Saturday 27 November 2021

New variant of Covid 19 labelled Omicron

Written by Anil Singh

Q. What is the name of the New Corona Virus Variant? 

Ans. B.1.1.529 Q. 

Q. Where the new variant was first found? 

Ans. South Africa. The country has identified about 100 cases of the variant, mostly from its most populated province, Gauteng. Johannesburg and Pretoria are located in Gauteng.

Q. When was the New variant first found? 

Ans. On Tuesday, Nov. 23 in samples taken from Nov. 14 to Nov. 16.

Q. How does WHO label variants? 

Ans. The World Health Organization (WHO) labelled the variant as one of concern, and designated it its most serious level, and it has been given the Greek name Omicron. 

Q. What does Omicron label mean? 

Ans. It indicates to the evidence of it being more contagious or more virulent or vaccines work less well against it, or has a combination of those characteristics. 

Q. Which other variants wre given the Omicron Label? 

Ans. Alpha (first identified in Britain), Beta, Gamma and Delta vairants of Corona. A level down on level of seriousness: Lambda, identified in Peru in December 2020, and Mu, in Colombia in January. 

Q. Which is the most dominant and most infectious COVID-19 mutation so far? 
Ans. Delta variant.


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