Thursday, 22 December 2011

To Qualify, secure 45 percent marks in Uttarakhand Samuh Ga Entrance examination

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand Government has fixed the minimum percentage of marks required to Qualify in the written entrance examination for Uttarakhand Samuh Ga or Group C Direct Recruitment.

Under the new Government Order, General and OBC candidates will have to secure minimum 45 percent marks in the entrance examination; to be eligible for the merit list of the successful candidates. The minimum percentage for SC/ST candidates will be 35 percent.

In simple, a candidate securing less than 45 percent marks (General/OBC categories) and less than 35 percent marks(SC/ST category) in the written entrance examination for Uttarakhand Samuh Ga or Group C Direct Recruitment; will NOT QUALIFY even if there are vacancies available.

Thus unless, a candidate secures the minimum required marks for his/her category; he/she will not qualify, even when there are vacancies.

The changes have been implemented with immediate effect. Those recruitment processes already in progress, will follow the previous model.

NOTE: The Government Order will apply to recruitment made outside Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC).

IMPORTANT: Since the last couple of months, People in Uttarakhand have been agitating for one reason or the other. If it's the right of the citizens to show their disappointment for Government policies not in their good; then I think the latest Government Order is a reason, SC/ST candidates in the state can raise their voice.

Why the Order affects SC/ST candidates?

Up to now, an SC/ST candidate passes or qualifies the written entrance examination for Uttarakhand Samuh Ga or Group C Direct Recruitment, even when he/she has less than 35 percent marks. The only condition required is the merit list range for the categories should encompass that percentage. That's if a SC candidate secures 15 percent marks in the examination and the merit List range for SC category is 14-55 percent, then such a candidate will be qualified.

But with the new GO, SC/ST candidates will have to secure minimum 35 percent marks in the examination to qualify. As from now on, merit list range will never go below 35 percent marks.

The model followed up to now (previous model), used the number of posts available to SC/ST category to determine the SC/ST cutoffs. Hence, if seats are available, even candidates securing very low marks get to the merit list.

This will not be possible under the new model.


Whether the issue is worth protesting or not, is for the SC/ST candidates to decide. Our aim in writing about it, in a clear and transparent manner, is to put every aspect of a news to our readers without any partisan attitude.


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