Wednesday 22 October 2014

IGNOU Re-Registration Meaning

Written by Anil Singh

IGNOU Re-Registration meaningIGNOU learners often have confusion regarding the IGNOU Re-registration process. They see it as a mandatory registration after every 2 years elapse in their IGNOU Programme. For instance, say a person takes admission in IGNOU MBA. He takes admission in January 2015. Then the minimum duration to complete the ignou mba will be 2.5 years and maximum duration will be 8 years. The IGNOU Re-registration doesn't mean that the person has to re-register after every 2 years. It means something else. In short, he/she doesn't have to pay the IGNOU re-registration fee if his/her course goes beyond two years. Meaning of IGNOU re-Registration For every paper/credit , the maximum time given to pass the paper or ignou credit is 2 years or 4 TEEs (Term End Exams). If a learner fails to pass a paper in two years, he/she has to re-register for the paper/credit/subject. Re-registration simply means, submitting the Rs 1500 fee once again. The re-registration extends the registration to 2 more years, and the IGNOU learner gets 2 more years or 4 TEEs to pass that paper. The registration is treated as admitting for the paper(s) once again, hence the learner will be dispatched the study material once again. The expiry of 2 years registration period begins with the registration date. Since an IGNOU learner registers for next semester at the beginning of the semester, hence the two years expiry period for successive papers keeps moving forward. For example, for the IGNOU MBA papers registered at the time of admission, say January 2015, the limit will be Dec 2016 TEE. For the ignou MBA papers, the learner registered in July-December 2015 Semester, the limit will be June 2017 TEE. There are no negative effects of registration. It's simply allowing the learner time to clear a subject/paper/credit. Hope you understood the IGNOU Re-Registration.

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