Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Truth about communal riots in Rudrapur: A New Documentary reveals

Written by Anil Singh

The city of Rudrapur -- the district headquarters of Udhamsingh Nagar in Uttarakhand -- saw communal riots in early October 2011. The riots following an alleged act of sacrilege (Holy Book of a religion, soiled & burned, kept inside the place of worship of that religion), triggered widespread clashes between two communities early morning of October 02, 2011. In the ensuing clashes, nearly 5 shops and scores of vehicles were torched.

In the days following the first clashes, the two communities kept on clashing with each other; bringing anarchy to the city. To control the escalating situation, the district administration imposed curfew, which brought to a halt not only the usual hustle and bustle unique to the city; but also the industries the city is famous for.

Most of us -- the consumers of electronic and print media -- saw the Rudrapur riots in the way expressed above. But there’s an entirely different perspective to the Rurapur riots as well. A perspective, wherein those (Administration, Police & Political parties) trusted upon with the responsibility of maintaining harmony and peace in the city are claimed to have betrayed their responsibility.

A documentary, named 'Partition Revisited', based on 2 Oct 2011 Rudrapur (Uttarakhand) riots shows how the dormant anti Muslim sentiment in the people migrated due to partition, flowing under currently was sparked with a common political agenda by the leaders of various ruling class parties... Congress & BJP, culminating in a state sponsored violence against muslims.

You can see the 23 minute documentary below:

Below are the people behind the documentary:

Direction - Rajeev Yadav, Shahnawaz Alam
Cinematography /Edit- Sandeep Dubey
Mob.- 09415254919, 09452800752
C/O Adv. Mohd. Shoaib, AC Medicine market, Latouche road, Lucknow, UP

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