Thursday, 29 March 2012

General VK Singh behaving Like General Public!

Written by Anil Singh

General VK Singh is behaving Like General Public!

Why? There are reasons for the same:

1) General Singh is a privileged citizen and administrator of the nation. He heads a 15 Lakh Army. His helpness, for any reason, can't put him in Good Light. For one simple reason: If he as the head of World's biggest Army, can't get himself heard, then who else can.

2) General Singh, is speaking more than what is required: And Speaking more than required, and that too to the wrong person, is not Good for anyone; General Singh is no Exception. If he speaks to a media person, about how "An Arm Lobbyist, an ex senior army officer, offered him Rs 14 crore bribe in his Office", then he's the first to be tried, as the interviewer is not the right person to disclose that news. The crime becomes even more, when the Gen is still in service.

3) General VK Singh appears to be a bitter person. He received a set back in his Age row; and now he is determined to embarrass the Government. When he should have understood that if the Government could help him in his Age discrepancy; it would have done that years ago. Those into army very well know that, having two date of births, is a reason for sure-shot dismissal for an ordinary soldier. Then why General could be an exception. Having conflicting DOBs can invite a dismissal in Civilian Government jobs as well. Try to see, General's DOB issue from the point of view that when he joined NDA, his father was a senior Army Officer.

If an ordinary soldier, whose father can be an illiterate man, can lose his job for having two Date of Births, then why the Head of the Army be treated differently.

4) India may not be up to date on its war preparedness. The present and earlier Governments, may have not paid heed to Army's advice in this regard. But, we need to understand the dilemma of our Governments too; after all they have to take care of other requirements of more than a billion people: Food, Primary education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Health, jobs etc.

If Indian Army compares itself with China, India can never shell out that kind of money which China spends. As China is an authoritarian country: it can empower its army at the cost of its common citizens. When India, chooses to spend the same money which China spends; it spends a sizable part of it on the welfare of the soldiers and their families. If Indian Government says it's strong defense-wise, it says so, considering its Nuclear capability. And Nuclear capability is a big deterrence, irrespective of whether India's army is well equipped or not. To understand this, take Pakistan's example, the only reason it can keep elbowing India, is the fact that it's a Nuclear power.

5) Indian Government, always tries to keep the Indian army away from any politics. The reason is: Politics of any kind, whether it be regional, caste, religion or personal, makes humans engage in petty plots. To accomplish this, all Governments try their best to make life easy for Armed forces personnel and their families. Canteen facilities, housing complexes, cheap land at prime locations, subsidized transport, free hospital and medical facilities, free education, reservation in Government jobs in civilian areas etc. are governments' mechanism of keeping Army as apolitical as possible.

Just imagine the situation of a civilian who moves to a new city -- he/she has to arrange for every facility on his own, whether it be for self or family.

Like any other nation, we thank our soldiers for their service to the nation. The country very well knows that A soldier is not a civilian.

But if a soldier starts behaving like a civilian; then the civilians start seeing him one among them and start questioning him in a civilian manner -- Like,

Why a lobbyist entered his office and made such a derogatory offer; was he friends with the General? 

If he was offended, then why didn't he order an immediate arrest of the person? 

If he decided not to stretch the issue further, at that time, then why he find it fit to raise the issue so many months later, that too in a public interview? 

All through his administrative life, he would have known the difference between Verbal and written communication, if Gen Singh was so much hurt by the bribe offer, why didn't he approach the Defense minister in writing? 

Did he want to protect the said Arm lobbyist, an ex Army Officer, when he decided not to proceed further with the incident?

All these question, civilians keep asking all the time; will not be easy for the General to answer.

Hence General VK Singh should stop behaving Like General Public!


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