Tuesday, 6 March 2012

God craves for your Love

Written by Anil Singh

In Rishikesh, and in its outskirts (in Ramjhula and laxman Jhula), and in places ahead, towards the Himalayas; you will witness countless ascetics, living as paupers in small shacks; spending their time performing rigorous bodily regimens to attain one single Goal: To Get God.

No matter where you live in India, you will find people offering fruits, flowers and money to God. Their Goal is also the same: To get God OR more aptly to come to God's good books; so that whatever material gift they offer to him, comes back to them increased many folds in a form they have in their minds.

In short, people use different means to attain God OR to come to his good books.

But, there is a much easy way to attain God or his affections.

Start Loving Him.

Loving someone is admiring and respecting him/her. And when a person admires and respects someone; he unknowingly starts emulating him/her. Hence when you love God; you unknowingly start emulating him. This in essence means -- You becoming just like him. You become a copy of God, which becomes more like his Master with each passing day.

Try this, and you see yourself rising above trivial considerations of caste & creed, color, race, status etc. You begin to see things, from a much higher perspective, only God is capable of. The more you become like him, the higher you rise to reach that perspective.

God wants you to become Godly; one simplest way to attain that is to Love Him.

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