Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's not 'Neck To Neck', the correct phrase is 'Neck and neck'

Written by Anil Singh

All through the day yesterday, we heard political leaders use the phrase or idiom, 'Neck To Neck'. With 'Neck to neck' they meant 'very close or equal finish'. For example, a BJP leader said, she suspects a neck to neck race between BJP-Congress in Uttarakhand Assembly polls 2012.

Lets admit, at the end of the day, all such claims proved right; and Congress actually surpassed BJP by a whisker.

But, on one particular ground, whosoever used 'Neck to neck' to express the sentiment; was quit incorrect. That ground was: the correct usage.

In proper English: To express 'very close or equal finish' , one should use Neck and Neck, and NOT 'Neck to Neck'.

For example, one can say,

John and Tom finished the race neck and neck. Mary and Ann were neck and neck in the spelling contest. Their scores were tied.

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