Tuesday 13 October 2015

When Brotherhood Bikers took Mussoorie-Dehradun road to "Save the Girl Child"

Written by Anil Singh

There are very few things on which I can commend PM Narendra Modi. That too without ifs and buts. One such thing is his Call to the Nation to 'Save the Girl Child' or and 'Beti Bachao,Beti Padhao'.

The primary reason for I agreeing with Mr. Modi on the awareness required among the people about the need to 'Save the Girl Child' is simple : Only the people can save the Girl Child going to take birth in their families.

That's irrespective of how stringent the Laws against Female Foeticide (killing a gild child in mother's Womb) become; if the mother, father and father's mother, father's father etc. (in the same order) have an UNLOVING attitude or hate towards the Girl Child in their family, no one else can "Save the Girl Child". No matter how stringent the law becomes.

Hence, unless parents of an unborn child become loving to their child, irrespective of the baby's gender, an unborn Girl can't be saved.

To cut things shorts, banning ultra sound or any other technology, wont's help save the Girl Child, as these are like some technology to blast rocks. It's up to the user and the customer where it's put to use. The Dynamite can be used to break mountains to make roads. The same powder can be used in a land mine to kill humans.

I have written extensively on female foeticide, and I have firm belief that three kinds of people NEVER have bias towards gender of an unborn child.

These people are :

1) People who are Confident and Liberal in their thoughts.
2) People who've accomplished something satisfactory in Life.
3) People who while growing up never saw gender bias in their family.

They are also the ones who love their child unconditionally, without any bias towards the baby's gender.

I'm restricting this point to Hindus only; as other religions preach their followers NOT TO kill a child in the Womb. Hinduism remains silent on this topic; or glorifies the sons.

Hinduism calls Daughters Lakshmi (Material or non-material Wealth); but it never finds the courage to tell followers : The more Lakshmi the Better...

Riding for a Cause

This past weekend, a pack of 150 motorcyclists plied on the Uttarakhand's Mussoorie-Dehradun road, to raise awareness about the need to save the Girl Child. The pack saw both men and women, either as drivers or pillion riders.

Calling themselves Brotherhood Bikers, the pack , rode down the scenic hill road along Kempty Falls stopping at 6 villages spreading messages of gender awareness.

The bikers campaigned for government programmes like Save the Girl Child and 'Beti Bachao,Bbeti Padhao'. The bikers were brought together by Dehradun-based non-governmental organisation Saheli which works for women empowerment in the city and surrounding areas.

... Very Good. The beginning of the women empowerment starts at welcoming every Girl Child in the family. 


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