Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Uttarakhand PTA teachers' and Correspondence BTC candidates' demands to be discussed at cabinet meeting

Written by Anil Singh

In an important meeting yesterday, headed by the Uttarakhand education minister, Mr. Matbar Singh Kandari, the minister ordered the concerned officers to prepare a draft proposal with regard to PTA teachers; so that the matter of PTA Teachers recruitment in Uttarakhand can be discussed in the upcoming cabinet meeting.

Notably, the minister also instructed the officers to include the issue of correspondence BTC trained candidates; so that even such candidates are given appointments at primary schools.

NOTE: With regard to the issue raised by the PTA Teachers (primary Teachers Association Teachers), the Education Minister Mr. Matbar Singh Kandari, said that -- Those PTA teachers which fulfill the eligibility requirements, will remain posted at their current posting. The new recruitments will be made at posts other than the ones already held by eligible PTA Teachers.

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