Monday 30 April 2012

Shilpkars in Uttarakhand Can't be considered OBCs

Written by Anil Singh

The debate which emanated from the question "Whether Shilpkar (metal-workers)castes in Uttarakhand can be treated a OBCs?" should be seen from a social perspective, and not from a reservation point of view.

According to Mr. tejpal Singh Panwar, President Other Backward Classes Commission,

"It's true that carpenter, blacksmith, metal worker (Tamta) and many other castes come under OBCs in Uttar Pradesh. But the situation in Uttarakhand is very different. Here the condition of such castes in more vulnerable. hence these castes should get the benefit under SC category. That apart, the Constitutional Provision is Supreme."

Currently the OBC category has 14 percent reservation in Uttarakhand;. In contrast the SC category has a 19 percent reservation.

Thus if the castes like carpenter, blacksmith, metal worker (Tamta) are considered OBCs in the state; then the people belonging to these castes not only lose 5 percent in reservation, they also have to compete in a tough OBC group.

The reality:

It can be believed that the President of OBC Commission is in favor of these castes continuing as SCs. On the other, it also seems to be in favor of the OBCs. If more castes are added to the OBC category; the OBC category will also be at loss.

Irrespective of Mr. Panwar's reasons for 'Shilpkars continuing with the SC status' he seems to be closer to the reality.

The reality is: You can't compare Tamta or Lohar (blacksmith) in Uttarakhand and a metal worker in Uttar Pradesh.

Those who are from the Uttarakhand Hills, very will know that a blacksmith in Uttarakhand has to face social segregation in the state. A blacksmith is not allowed to live inside villages, not allowed to eat in community feasts and most of the times is not even invited by the people, for who he prepares tools.

The purity rules which begin at village level remain more or less intact, even when a person takes some other profession.

In simple, these castes may be OBCs in Uttar Pradesh; but here in Uttarakhand they are socially discriminated as SCs.


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  • Unknown says:
    12 November 2017 at 01:43

    I want to know about Tamta surname..are they considered to be lower caste or dalit ... people said that for kumani Brahmin they considered to be lower caste ..even they don't drink water of their homes.. please please clear my doubt