Sunday, 29 April 2012

DElEd to replace BTC

Written by Anil Singh

In order to get trained teachers at Primary Schools, the Uttarakhand Education Department is going to start Diploma in Elementary Education (DElEd).

DElEd course will replace BTC (a two year course).

NCTE has already given a go ahead to the Uttarakhand Government.

It should be noted that Right To Education (RTE)  Act has made Graduation and  DElEd as the eligibility for a Teaching job at Primary Schools. Right now, Uttarakhand doesn't have DElEd.

DElEd and BElEd are both accepted as eligibility crietrion for Primary Teachers. Once DElEd is implemented; only those candidates with either DElEd and BElEd will be eligible to apply for  a teaching job at primary schools in Uttarakhand.

Soon, the Uttarakhand Government is also starting BElEd or Bachelor in Elementary Education degrees.

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