Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A 12 year old yoga teacher in Agra India

Written by Anil Singh

A 12 year old yoga teacher may surprise many. That too, with a job to join coming June.

Meet Ram Das 'Brahmachari', a 12 year old boy, who has recently been inducted in the St Peters' College Agra India staff as a yoga teacher. Popularly known as Baba Ramdev of Agra, among his city-ites; Boy Ram Das has already mastered around 300 yoga asanas.

He recently displayed 38 of them in front of a huge audience on the school campus.

About Ram Das:

Ram Das gives all the credit of his achievement to his father, Mukesh Sharma; and sees the senior as his inpiration Finding the lad have great flexibility, the father decided to take the boy, 6 years old at that time, out of school and instead teach him Yoga at Home.
Appearing all too keen to approve of his father’s decision, the boy says that the sight of his school teachers chewing tobacco in the class, shook his trust in the education system and he decided to quit.

Now Home bound for the past six years; besides Yoga, the boy has memorised a lot of religious scriptures. That apart, the lack of school education is being compensated by lessons taught by his sister at home.

The 12 year old practices meditation for more than six hours everyday; and feels that discipline is the key if one wants to master yoga.

What a heck?

What an unfortunate Boy.

Yes may have mastered the Yoga poses which normal school going people master in their entire life -- But still how unfortunate he is.

The boy is an excellent example of how parents ruin a Child’s life, for their self vested interests -- to achieve fame or money or agenda.

Just ask yourself: Is a Six year old capable on his own to get disillusioned by the sight of his school teachers chewing tobacco in the class; and decide to quite the school?

Lakhs of people, go to school everyday, not all become smokers or alcoholics!

All that can be seen here: s his father indoctrinating his child from a tender age, for his own selfish objectives.

School Education is important. At least up to a certain age. It teaches a child much more valuable skills, skills that are more important than Yoga, religious scriptures and meditation. A school teaches a child, how to interact with peers, how to cooperate. Lessons, which no parent how educated or enlightened he/she may be, can teach at home.

If a real and effective alternative to school education was present: then countless parents whose education could make them teach even Stephen Hawkings; wouldn’t be sending their kids to schools every day.

To summarize, if the school education was not necessary; then the Indian Government wouldn’t have made it a ‘Fundamental Right of Every Kid to get a school education up to the age of 14’.

A request to lawyers out there: Go into the matter and if deem fit, file a lawsuit on the Boy’s father. A PIL will work too, as the issue is of immense social importance.

A Request to the Principal: It has been reported that, Father John Ferreira, principal of St Peter's College, who himself a yoga enthusiast; has inducted the boy as a faculty.

My request to him is: quash the order immediately. If he wants to help the kid, then induct him as a student.

Meanwhile, the much indoctrinated boy, courtesy his father, is saying:

"Discipline, meditation, hard work, simple food and good behaviour are keys to learning yoga. It was only due to my diligence and regular practice that I mastered so many asanas, I believe yoga is the solution to all physical diseases and mental problems. My father was suffering from renal failure but now he leads a normal life, all thanks to Yoga,"

Kid you are put on a Wrong path.

Someone please save this Kid; and put him back at School!

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