Monday, 14 May 2012

Aamir Khan conducts workshop for Kids to protect them from Child Sexual Abuse

Written by Anil Singh

The second episode of Aamir Khan's talk show, Satyamev Jayate, talked about children.

The show talked about Child sex abuse.

According to a 2007 Government data, about 53% of children in India suffer from some kind of child sexual abuse. This number is much more than most people realise. What is starling is that, this abuse often takes place in the confines of the home, by someone the family knows and trusts. Notably, the pervert practice of child sexual abuse is not limited to a particular class of Indian society; and abusers can be found nearly equally distributed in every class of the society. In addition, the child sexual abuse can happen in the confines of home and at school. Two places considered most safe for kids.

As parents and guardians, talking to kids about the 'existence of child sexual abuse in the society' is not easy. Equally difficult for any parent/guardian is to teach kids on 'How to Spot an Abuser or suspect the intentions of an Elder'.

In the video below, Aamir Khan conducts a workshop for Kids on 'How to Spot an Abuser or an elder person with wrong intentions'. If you are a parent, call your kid, and make him/her see the video below (after watching the video, you can explain the kid what is being demoed):

The video below should be viewed by parents ONLY. The video shares a sketch of a Child Abuser i.e. 'How a Child abuser conducts himself/herself in public, key personality traits he/she possesses, tell tale signs of a child Abuser etc'. In short, things which parents/guardians should pay attention to protect their children from a Child Abuser.

Experts are of the opinion that, a child is most safe with his/her parents. Hence parents shouldn't have blind faith on any person, no matter how closely related the person may be. That apart, the tips shared in the above video may be useful; but that doesn't mean parents should take their responsibility towards the child lightly.

You can watch the Full Episode 2 Here.


1) Child Sexual Abuse begins with improper touch: Improper or Bad touch means touching of a Child's Chest, Hips or the place in between legs (genitals) by a person other than the child's parents/guardian.

2) A Child Abuser is normally a charmed person in the society; a person people look up to and trust. He/she is shrewd  and conducts himself/herself with extreme cautiousness. He/she often lives a double life (A dichotomy between public and private lives). According to Experts, a tell-tale sign of a child abuser, is that he normally spends more time with kids. And doesn't feel remorse for his acts (child abuse).

3) Parents/guardian should normally convey to the child that there's nothing in this world which the child can't share with them (parents/guardian).

Below are two books, which can be a great resource for every parent:

Sexual Exploitation in Schools: How to Spot It and Stop It

Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders: Who They Are, How They Operate, and How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children

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