Monday, 14 May 2012

How To Pay BSNL Postpaid Mobile or Cellone Bills Online

Written by Anil Singh

With many of us sitting in front of an internet connected PC, more than we venture out; It’s always a need to pay some bills Online. One such Bill is the Mobile Bill (if you are a postpaid mobile user).

While private mobile operators have clear bill paying options; BSNL, a state operator, still has to do something to make it easier for customers to pay Bills online.

But in a fast paced life of today, we can’t wait for BSNL to make its website more user friendly. Below are the steps to pay your BSNL Mobile Bills Online (Post paid BSNL mobile or Cellone service):

Step 1: Go to Pay BSNL Mobile Bills Online

Step 2: As you will be a New user, click on ‘New User? Sign Up’ link below the submit button

Step 3: Fill Your Details & submit. Your Account is successfully created.

Step 4: Log in with your new Username and Pwd

NOTE: For some reasons, on logging in you may be shown a message invalid username/password. If this happens, simply click on the Forgot Password link below the login submit button and ask for a new password at the email address you used while opening the new account.

A new password will be sent to your email address. Use this password to log in to your BSNL account.

Step 5: Once you re logged in. You will reach a dashboard, which has three links – Enroll Cellone Accounts | View/Pay Outstanding Bills | View payment Transacations.

Step 6: Click on Enroll Cellone Accounts Link and add your landline phone (s) details.

NOTE: The Account Number is a 9 digit number, called Unique Id, which you can find in your hard bill or bill receipt.

Step 7: Go to View Payment Transactions and you will see your Due Bill or the last Bill paid.

Bookmark or note the login page and your username & password at some place you can easily retrieve.

NOTE: if you have registered or opened an account to pay BSNL Landline Bill (s); then you NEED NOT TO OPEN a new account for Mobile Bill payment (s). You can use your existing UN and Pwd for mobile purposes as well. Similarly, if you have opened an account to pay Mobile Bill(s) and now have to pay BSNL LL Bill (s), then you can use your existing login credentials.

In short, a single account on BSNL will take care of all your BSNL transactions and activities which include online LL Bill Payment, online Mobil Bill payment, online prepaid mobile recharge, Duplicate Bills etc.

Hope you find this useful.

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