Friday, 25 May 2012

Rave Yoga Concerts Miss an important element of God worship

Written by Anil Singh

It's often said that "what matters is the name of the God. Anything else is secondary".

That's no matter how you remember God in its purest form and how you take its name; you will always receive the benevolence of all mighty God -- the Supreme Power.

Only thing which needs to be taken care of, is that, the very act of remembering the God doesn't push one to things considered ungodly.

Rave Yoga is the latest craze in the west. Inspired by Rave parties where youth gyrate under the influence of drugs, booze, loud & sub-conscious hitting music; Rave Yoga has everything which pulls youth to Rave parties, minus the drugs and the booze.

In many of these Rave Yoga sessions, an element of concert has been added. Rock in its format, in such concerts, singers try to rock the audience; but the songs are 'renditions in the praise of Indian Gods' also called Bhajans, Shlokas, stutis etc.

The video below is Rave Yoga concert taking place in Argentina:

According to Yoga teacher Rajendra Pandey, who has been teaching Yoga, meditation and Spirituality in Rishikesh and abroad from the past 15 years -- "The only risk of Rave Yoga Concerts, is that there always remains a possibility of the act transgressing to the negative sphere. Since Rave Yoga concerts are all about attaining the highest spiritual bliss, the commune with the Supreme God,  by mean of uncontrolled gyrations, there's no element of control in it. And control is equally important in spirituality."

Mr. Pandey believes that Rave Yoga is an experiment which at its core is inspired by ISKCon experiment of Swami Prabhupad, who in 1960s and early 1970s, tried to reform wayward Youth in San Francisco, USA, by way of Krishna Bhajans and Kirtans.

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