Sunday 19 August 2012

Ramdev benefiting from Indian Mindset

Written by Anil Singh

Yoga teacher Ramdev appears to be benefiting from the typical Indian mindset -- A mindset, where we Indians, see motives in most transparent of things and in almost everything.

In the case of Ramdev and his close aide Balkrishna, the general approach at present, is to look for reasons, which make the Baba and his aide a victim of the Government oppression.

If we for a second assume that the Government is actually taking revenge; then will that give Baba the license to sell adulterated or placebo drugs? ... OR his aide BalKrishna run companies as a Yoga charya, when all he has are fake degrees?

I'm not saying, the Baba and his aide are actually guilty of the above offences. Only the court of law is competent and authorised to decide that. What I'm saying is, why not this be probed. And if innocent, why not both come clean.

2 constructive comments:

  • Vijay says:
    1 October 2012 at 17:57

    I don't agree with the writer's point of view here. I ask the writer that while he's telling us Indians that to let the case be probed why don't the writer for once, ponder over the fact that all the accusations against Baba Ramdeve and Patanjali Yogapeeth has started by Congress only after Baba Ramdev started talking about Black Money and Corruption and how CBI is every now & then raiding there to find any black spot in Patanjali Yogapeeth but has not found anything yet.
    So, I would like the writer to change his mindset as I think the Indian's mindset is way better than his right now.

  • A Bisht says:
    2 October 2012 at 19:32

    @vijay______we agree to disagree here. Hence you have every right to question my mindset.

    But I stick to my point.

    I'm not questioning whether Ramdev is culprit or not; that is for the court to decide. What I'm saying is : does conspiracy against baba, justify acharya bal krishna's fake certificates, if they are indeed fake?

    And when I say Indian mindset, it includes me as well.