Thursday 30 August 2012

Uttarakhand announces Rs 11 lakh for Unmukt Chand: Please Don't Waste Public Money

Written by Anil Singh

After BCCI and others, the Uttarakhand Government has also announced Rs 11 Lakh reward to Unmukt Chand, who led India to lift the 2012 U-19 World Cup. Sports Minister Dinesh Agarwal made the announcement here. Unmukt hit a match-winning unbeaten century in the final against Australia.

Why are you wasting Public Money?

BCCI awarding any money to its players is understandable; but when public elected Governments do so it's simply waste of money. A money which could have been spent better.

The past BJP government became "Dariyadil" with Mahendra Singh Dhoni; this Congress Government with Unmukt Chand.

Here, the logic of 'encouragement to Sports' doesn't stand.

Like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Unmukt Chand is not based in Uttarakhand.

If merely having an Uttarakhand surname or forefathers, can make one Uttarakhandi; then we are surely in wrong direction.

If the Government truly wants to encourage Sports in the state and want its children healthy; then it should spend better money on the diets of established sports-persons in Uttarakhand; and try to develop sports culture.

One good way is to allot "A football" and "A bat and a ball" to each village in Uttarakhand. Children have a tendency to play; and they will find a place to play themselves.

There are around 16800 villages in Uttarakhand -- this exercise will take just 1.68 crore. The amount is nothing for a Government.

And Surely it's better than allotting land to Mahendra Singh Dhoni (in the previous BJP Government) and Rs. 11 Lakh to Unmukt Chand (this Congress Government) who was brought up in Delhi & plays for Delhi in domestic cricket.

It has been reported that the Uttarakhand Government is planning considering felicitating the entire U-19 cricket team. If that happens, then it will be insane.

You can't keep felicitating Dhonis, Chands for having links at Almora or Khudku Bhalya village in Uttarakhand`s Pithoragarh; OR the entire T20 team for making the country proud; when your own state is poor.

We can't justify anything and everything on the name of Patriotism.

NOTE: This announcement comes at a time when we have a major natural disaster in Uttarkashi; and where the Uttarakhand Government is offering Rs 2500 per nali land compensation to victims in hilly areas; and Rs. 1.25 lakh per hectare in Plains. While patting its back on a meagre Rs. 240 per nali (land area) increase in compensation. We need more thoughtful leaders in both Congress and BJP.

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