Friday 29 November 2013

Yoga Guru Ramdev can have our Sympathies!

Written by Anil Singh

Yoga Guru Ramdev can have our Sympathies! 81 cases against His trust is unimaginable!

In the past few months, the Uttarakhand Police has registered as many as 81 cases against Yoga guru Ramdev's 'Divya Yoga Mandir Trust' for allegedly breaching norms in land purchases in Roorkee town of Haridwar and for violation of the terms regarding the use of the land.

This time around, we can have our sympathies for Baba Ramdev. The reasons for this is simple.

If Baba Ramdev's trust was buying lands breaching norms or was violating the terms of land use; then where were the officials all this while. If Baba Ramdev is being probed then, action must taken against those officials as well, who overlooked or approved the purchase and use all this while. If Yoga Guru Ramdev managed to evade stamp duty, then which officials were instrumental in facilitating the evasion.

You can't slap cases against One party and let the other roam scot free.


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