Wednesday 29 October 2014

Why Not Conducting UTET : Uttarakhand HC Asks Government

Written by Anil Singh

Responding to a petition filed by Pramod Pandey, Udham Singh Nagar, the single bench of Uttarakhand High Court, comprising Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia, asked the Uttarakhand Government: Why the Uttarakhand Government is not conducting UTET (Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test)?

The Case: The petitioner in his case said that the Inter College, GulerBhoj released a notification for LT posts where TET was not mandatory. Later the College released a second notification, where it made the TET compulsory.

The petitioner argued that since the Uttarakhand Education department had conducted UTET-2 once in 2013, hence making UTET compulsory is not logical. That when, the previous Uttarakhand HC judgement had specifically ordered the Government to conduct TET twice a year.

The Uttarakhand HC has ordered the Education Secretary to file a reply at the Court within two weeks.

Uttarakhand HC actually wants the Government to conduct UTET regularly, as per schedule

Inferences that can be derived from the Nainital HC Order

The Uttarakhand HC order is a welcome judgement for two reasons.

1) If you make TET compulsory even for trained teachers (BEd), then the Government must ensure that every new BEd degree holder must have the opportunity to apply for teaching jobs. When new BEd degree holders are coming to job market every year, UTET must be conducted on a fixed date, at least once a year. If this is not done, then the Uttarakhand Government is simply making the BEd degree useless.

2) If the present an previous Governments never thought twice in giving licences to new BEd colleges, then why are they shying away from conducting UTET now? It's simply allowing BEd colleges earn money at the cost of students.

My suggestion to the Government is simple: Make a thorough investigation on the number of teaching jobs in Uttarakhand. Add some seats to this number to take care of future exigencies. Add some more seats for those students who aim to job hunt outside Uttarakhand. The number you receive will be the number of BEd seats in Uttarakhand.

Allowing or luring every Uttarakhand youth to do BEd will only result in disappointment and resentment. Let them go for other career options.


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