Wednesday 7 February 2018

Good to see Uttarakhand Forest Guard exam applicants on TV

Written by Anil Singh

It was nice seeing some of you young men on NDTV Prime Time ( 9 PM, Monday to Friday). The channel is doing good work by raising the employment questions of young men and women. You presented the problems concerning Uttarakhand Forest Guard recruitment examination quite effectively.

There is nothing wrong in speaking about the delay in examination process on the appropriate platform. You can speak about the delays taking place in any other recruitment processes as well. And young women must also make sure that they are equally vocal about their job woes on appropriate platforms.

On Uttarakhand Portal we also try to cover various issues faced by young women and men in the state. Since we are a small Portal, hence it's not always possible to cover all your woes. But still, during all these years, we kept writing about jobs and other issues plaguing Uttarakhand Youth. If you look at our past articles, then you will find some great articles about Uttarakhand Youth.

When you read such articles, don't read them from a political point of view. We have never wrote anything which is aimed at targeting any particular political party. We look at issues, weigh them and then write by solely focusing on Uttarakhand people, and what is best for them. The welfare of Uttarakhand Youth is a priority for us.


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