Saturday 3 November 2018

IGNOU Programme NOT completed in maximum duration Allowed

Written by Anil Singh

ignou programme maximum duration, grace period allowed, The objective of providing University level distance learning option to students is to enable them continue their education irrespective of their circumstances. These circumstances can be economic problems, necessity to take a job etc. What ever be the circumstance, majority of those who enroll in some distance learning programme are unable to complete it, even in the maximum duration allowed to complete the programme. For instance the maximum duration to complete the IGNOU MBA is 8 years, while the minimum is 3 years. For 3 year IGNOU graduation courses, the maximum duration is 5 years. Hence it is no surprise that many IGNOU students ask us, this question:

What should I do, if I have not completed the ignou programme in stimulated time (maximum duration)?


What options do I have if I fail to complete an IGNOU programme within the maximum time duration allowed?

As far as we know, IGNOU allows for a 1 year grace period, above the maximum programme completion period (or maximum stipulated time to complete the Programme).

For instance, if an IGNOU learner fails to complete his/her IGNOU MBA in 8 years. Then he will be given extra 1 year to complete the MBA (8+1 years).

  For other courses it will be Maximum time period allowed + 1 year. But to get an extra grace year :

The student must have submitted and cleared all the assignments (TMAs) within the maximum stipulated time period.

For instance, an IGNOU MBA student can get an extra 1 year ONLY WHEN all the ignou assignments had been submitted and passed within 8 years. NOTE: For more information, visit your IGNOU regional center OR IGNOU regional center nearest to you.

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