Thursday 15 July 2021

Biggest disservice to self: Becoming a devotee (or Bhakt) of another Human being

Written by Anil Singh

One of the biggest disservice to self is becoming a devotee (or Bhakt) of another human being or entity.

It's not only a dis-respect to Self, it is also a big dis-respect to one'e own Brain (the place of origin of all intelligence, logic, wisdom etc.).

So stop dis-respecting self right now.

Instead, use your brain.

Don't believe someone blindly.

If the Govt., Prime minister or Chief minister says there is no price rise. Then ask yourself: Is it true?

It you are not ready to ask that question yet, then get yourself informed of this simple fact: The Central Govt. yesterday increased the DA of Central Government employees from 18% to 28%.

So many among you may be reluctant to accept the reality of high cost of living, and are happily paying high food, fuel prices from their pockets and savings; but the Govt. of India and its prime minister Narendra Modi accepts that cost of living (high prices) is indeed very high and is making a hole in Govt. employees' pockets.

Similarly, many among us are happy with their status of employment, salaries, work conditions and general job opportunities. For them, there is no shortage of jobs and it is them who are lazy and not eager to work.

The view seems very similar to what Govt. wants us to believe. Again we have two options. Either to question the view or keep believing.

And finally, the availability of cover-19 vaccines.

The Govt. wants people to believe that although vaccines are in adequate supply, it is the people, who are not ready to get vaccinated.

For information purposes, the ground reality is very different. I (I'm sure, you as well) know many people among your friends, neighbours & relatives who are complaining of vaccine shortage. If you are still in two minds, please go visit any vaccination center.

To conclude, it is one thing to trust the ability of govts and its prime ministers, chief ministers etc. 

Quite another to become a devotee of theirs.

So don't become a Devotee (a Bhakt)

Instead, use your brain.

Don't believe someone blindly.

Stop dis-respecting self right now.

If unemployment, insufficient salaries, 110 Rupees fuel prices will not make you use your brain, then what else will.


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