Monday 15 August 2011

DAV College Dehradun Law Entrance Exam 2011, held on 14 August 2011, question Paper Leaked

Written by Anil Singh

UPDATE 16/11/2011: The second committee formed by the DAV PG College Principal has submitted its report yesterday. Finding no weight in teh paper leak allegations. The DAV College released the first merit list for the LLB admissions 2011. Notably the list is exactly teh same as one put on October 13 2011. The admissions start today that is 16 November 2011. For more details, visit: DAV College Dehradun LLB 2011 admissions start TODAY i.e, November 16 2011.


Although those who appeared in the DAV College Dehradun Law Entrance Examination held on Sunday 14 August 2011, reported extensive cheating during the examination, wherein a section of examinees are reported talked of receiving answers via paper scraps and mobile phones; the entire credibility of the Law Entrance Examination got into disarray, when some DAV college student leaders, submitted the photocopies of the Law Entrance Examination question paper, to the College Principal within minutes of the conclusion of the examination.

According to some taking the examination and some newspaper reports today; just as the examinees were leaving the examination halls, some DAV student leaders started waiving the question paper photocopies inside the college premises; shouting that question paper was already leaked prior to the examination.

According to the student leaders (who see their role as one unearthing a paper leak – a paper leak, which was effected to offer undue advantage to those trying to pass the examination by undue means) the original question papers were taken out of the college premises, during the examination, so that the solutions to the question papers could reach the assisted examinees well within the examination duration. The college administration has objected to this claim and claimed that the photocopies of the question papers reached the college premises, at 1:15 PM, or 15 minutes after the examination was over.

Yielding to the a section examinees’ and the student leaders’ pressure, the DAV College principal has constituted a five member panel to look into the matter. The college has put on hold the selection procedure for now; and any further action will be taken when the panel comes out with the findings.

Meanwhile, a section of examinees and those unearthing the paper leak, demanded cancellation of the DAV College Dehradun Law Entrance Examination 2011 held on Sunday 14 August 2011; and the examination be conducted again.

It's important to underline here, that most examinees seemed to be content with the examination and hence didn't report witnessing any blatant use of undue means during examination. This has given support to another view, which asserts that -- the students Leaders' raised the issue of paper leak, as they themselves were unable to help those candidates in an unfair manner by undue means, from whom they have taken money prior to the exam in return of undue assistance.

Notably, a total of 1358 candidates appeared in the DAV College Dehradun Law Entrance Exam 2011, held on 14 August 2011, for a total of 150 seats.

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