Tuesday 9 September 2014

Hyphen in IGNOU Grade Card ? | The Dash Sign

Written by Anil Singh

What is the meaning of hyphen in IGNOU Grade Card. You can also ask what does this '-' sign or Hyphen symbol in any field in IGNOU Grade Card represent? Here is the Answer. Hyphen in IGNOU Grade CardWhat does it mean to have a 'Dash' or '-' in the Theory paper or assignment field of the Grade card. This simply means that for the said paper or assignment the result is not declared yet.
When the marks or Grade for theory or Assignment are declared, the Dash is replaced by the Grade or marks.
A Hyphen or Dash or '-' symbol in a Grade Card doesn't mean Fail.
The Fail status is represented by 'Incomplete' in only one condition. If your Theory, Assignment and other activities Grades/Marks are updated in the respective fields, and the Status Field shows 'Incomplete' then the student must treat it as 'Fail'.
If some of these fields still need to be updated with Marks/Grades, then you must wait for them to get updated first. Unless they get updated, the 'Incomplete' status means what the word suggests -- Not Complete.
If the Status Field shows 'Complete' Only then you have 'Passed' the Paper.


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