Tuesday 9 September 2014

Which IGNOU Assignment should I Submit | IGNOU FAQS

Written by Anil Singh

Below is a common IGNOU FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) : I have enrolled for BA course in july 2013. But couldn't submit my assignment till 31st March 2014 for june TEE. Now I want to submit my assignment and appear in Dec 2014 TEE. Which assignment should I submit for appearing in IGNOU Dec 2014 TEE. Is it 2013-2014 IGNOU assignment or 2014-2015 assignment. To get the answer of the above question, you must understand IGNOU's philosophy of Continuous Evaluation. Since IGNOU is a distance learning University which believes in the continuity of learning, it wants the learners to keep continuously evaluating themselves. To enable them do so, IGNOU uses Assignments. To help the learner better evaluate himself, IGNOU uploads or releases new Assignments for every new IGNOU TEE. Hence if an IGNOU learner wants to submit IGNOU assignment (s) then he/she has to download or procure assignments earmarked by IGNOU for the current TEE , prepare them and submit them at his/her IGNOU study centre. This means that the person in the above example can't submit the June 2014 TEE Assignment which he can't submit at that time (till march 21, 2014). If he/she wants to submit the assignment for the said credit/paper now, then he/she must download the assignment meant for Dec 2014 TEE and submit it on or before the last date. IGNOU Assignment Submission Tip Make it a habit of submitting IGNOU assignment , even when you know before hand that you will not be able to appear in the IGNOU TEE. You can submit an assignment, and still choose not to appear in the Examination.  But the submission of assignment will save you from remaking the assignment in the future; as IGNOU assignments once submitted and Completed are valid for the entire programme duration. If you research, you will find many IGNOU learners who submitted assignments (and completed) for all the programme credits/papers ; and never appeared in the exams. It's valid to do so.

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