Saturday 6 September 2014

Uttarakhand PCS-2012 | 16 Things You must Know !

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission, Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar, has released the notification/Advertisement of Uttarakhand PCS-2012. Below are Important Things You must know about Uttarakhand PCS-2012 :

1. Uttarakhand PCS-2012 Notification/Advertisement --- Click Here

2. Date of Uttarakhand PCS-2012 Notification:
03, September 2014

3. Uttarakhand PCS-2012 Notification Number: 206/01/E-1 (PCS-12)/2013-14

4. What Else Uttarakhand PCS 2014 is called? ---- Uttarakhand Pravar Adhinasth Bharati Seva Seva Pariksha 2012 OR Uttarakhand Upper Subordinate Services Recruitment Examination 2012 OR PSC Exam 2012 (Provincial Service Commission Exam 2012)

5. Total Posts for which UKPSC is holding Uttarakhand PCS 2012 : 237 Posts

6. How To Apply: Apply online at UKPSC website on or before September 24, 2014 (11:59:59 PM). ------ Applications made on any other mode, except through online portal, will not be considered. Hence Apply Online ONLY. Click Here to Apply Online for ukpsc PCS 2014.

7. Last Date to Submit the Examination Fee for Uttarakhand PCS-2012 : September 27, 2014.

8. Uttarakhand PCS 2012 Application Fee: Rs 150 for General and OBC candidates. Rs 60 for Others.

9. Age Limit for Uttarakhand PCS 2014 : 21-42 years as on July 01, 2014

10. Tentative Date of Uttarakhand PCS Preliminary Examination 2012 : November 30, 2014 --- Tentative means it can be changed.

11. What will be the Examination format of Uttarakhand PCS Preliminary Examination 2012?

There will be NO Optional or Subject paper.

  1. The PCS 2012 Preliminary exam will comprise of General Studies (150 Questions of one mark each, Total marks 150. To be completed in 2 Hours)
  2. General Aptitude Test (100 Questions of 1.5 mark each, Total marks 150. Time Duration 2 Hours)
The papers will be held in Two meetings. Both the papers will be of OBJECTIVE Type. The Uttarakhand PCS 2012 Syllabus for the preliminary will be thus any Good books and magazines on General Studies and General Aptitude.

For more details on PCS Preliminary, PCS Mains Examination format -- Click Here

12. Number of applicants who will be called, or who will qualify for the Main Examination: 15 times of the Posts, for each Language in which the Mains Examination is to take place. That’s if there are a total of 237 posts, then 15x237 = 3555 will be declared qualified for the Mains Examination. This means that if there are two languages in which a candidate can write his/her Mains Answers (say Hindi and English), then a total of 3555+3555 = 7110 examinees will be declared qualified for Mains Exam.

13. Level of Competition in Uttarakhand PCS Preliminary Examination 2012 : Say 2.5 Lakh candidates appear in the Uttarakhand PCS Preliminary Exam 2012, than One candidate out of every 35 will make it to the PCS Mains Examination.

14. Is the Competition Too Tough ?  It depends how you see it. If you assume that less than 15 percent of 2.5 lakh PCS applicants , ie.e 38,000 applicants are serious candidates. Then the competition mellows down (in Hindi means 'mand pad jana') to 1 candidate out of every 5 will make it to the PCS Mains. In Addition, to hard work -- intelligence, smartness of preparation also matters, Bringing the competition down even further. 

15. Will I have to apply separately for separate Posts?  PCS Exam is a joint Competitive Examination. This means that One application form is to be filled for all the posts advertised in the notification. If any posts requires some special educational or other eligibility, then the application form will have fields for that.

16. When I will I claim for Reservation in any Category ? You will claim reservation for any category at the time of filing the application form. That's right now, when you apply for Uttarakhand PCS 2012. In the HC writ petition of  Radha Mittal Vs Uttarakhand Public Service Commission, it has been said that any future claims in the absence of a claim made at the time of applying, will not be acknowledged.

17. Which posts will be filled through Uttarakhand PCS 2012 ? The posts to be filled through the pCS 2012 exam range in between : Deputy Collector or SDM or Sub Divisional Magistrate with a Pay Scale of  Rs 15600-39100 , Grade Pay Rs 5400 to Probation Officer with a Pay Scale of Rs 9300-34800, Grade Pay 4200.

18. After submitting the PCS 2012 online application form, make sure to note down for PCS 2012 registration id. This because, your access to your profile at Ukpsc pcs 2012 application form profile needs registration id. You may need it for future communication with regard to PCS 2012 as well.

19. You can submit the the PCS 2012 Pre fee through SBI Bank Challan only two days after submitting the PCS 2012 application form online. Thats why the Last date to submit the ukpsc pcs 2012 application fee is September 27, 2012.


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  • Unknown says:
    23 September 2014 at 12:57

    Hello Sir i have gone through the detailed advertisement for ukpsc.i just want to ask that as there are 2 subjects for pre exam(General Study and General Aptitude) so we have to qualify both?? and if someone clears the pre exam then they are showing 7 subjects means we have to qualify all 7 in main exam??