Tuesday 9 September 2014

When can I appear for IGNOU Exam or TEE now | IGNOU FAQs

Written by Anil Singh

One of the most common questions asked by IGNOU Students is : I have enrolled for xyz IGNOU programme in 2013 and filled/registred for IGNOU Registration form of 2nd year in 2014. But I have not appeared for my 1st year exam even once, till now.So can u please suggest me when will be my next session to appear for the exam? And how can I appear for my First year IGNOU Credits/Papers now? In addition, when can I appear in the IGNOU exams now? appear for IGNOU Exam IGNOU TEETo get the answer of this question, you have to first understand how IGNOU, distance learning university works. IGNOU allows a learner to complete an IGNOU Programme or IGNOU Course in Time Period which is limited by Minimum time to complete the programme and the maximum time to Complete the Programme. For instance, IGNOU MEG or Master of English, can be completed by a learner in a minimum of 2 years and maximum of 5 years. For IGNOU MBA this is 2 years and 8 years. Thus IGNOU doesn't bar or stop a learner from taking an exam any time during the course. The only condition is the Registration. You can appear in an exam only when you have registered for it. In the above example, the person has registered for the MEG First Year, but didn't appear in any exam. The applicant may or may not have submitted any IGNOU assignments of MEG first year either. But that doesn't stop him/her from registering for the Second year. And as stated in the example, the learner has registered for the second year as well. Keep in mind that this person has not appeared in a single credit/paper of MEG programme yet. But that doesn't stop him/her from appearing in exams now. Since the IGNOU learner has registered for both years of the programme; he/she can appear in the exams, as per his/her convenience, from the immediate or the future TEEs. Only disadvantage of starting late, is the time period one gets to complete the Programme. In the example case, the Learner will get maximum of 4 years to pass all papers for MEG 1st year and Second Year. Hope the confusion is clear now. DISCLAIMER : Visit or call Your IGNOU Regional Centre to cross verify the explanation put forward in this article. Kindly verify before acting on the information shared in this article. This article is for information purposes only.

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