Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Khanduri’s 6 point agenda ahead of Assembly Polls in February 2012

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand chief minister, BC Khanduri speaks of his one-point agenda ahead of the assembly polls in February 2012, in an interview to HT.

Underlining that, in his second innings as CM of Uttarakhand, his primary agenda will be to weed out corruption from the government, below is the summary of his agenda in bulleted form:

1) Weed out corruption in Bureaucracy. In his first cabinet meeting on Saturday, Mr. Khanduri has already asked ministers and officials to declare their assets by the second week of October.

2) Introduction of the public service guarantee bill, as soon as possible. This the new CM believes will take care of the complaints of bureaucratic dominance or high handedness.

3) Constituting a stronger Lokayukta, with the Chief minister in its ambit (Lokayukta will also be able to investigate cases against CM).

4) Push further, the austerity drive in the Government launched in the first term. Mr. Khanduru has reduced the number of vehicles in his fleet from nine vehicles to three. The primary idea in doing so is to spread a message among government functionaries on curtailing unnecessary expenses. But, rather than making austerity mandatory, the CM has made it an individual choice.

5) Make Uttarakhand Industry friendly and conducive for investments in other spheres like education, agriculture, health sector, by curbing the corruption in political class in Government.

6) Better the condition of road in the state. The CM has already ordered a task force to monitor repairs.

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