Tuesday 13 September 2011

Corbett National Park celebrates 75 years of existence with above 200 Tigers

Written by Anil Singh

Asia’s first national park – the Jim Corbett National Park, situated in the Shivalik foothills of Uttarakhand is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. A protected habitat for Asiatic tiger, the national park has become one of the main nurseries for India’s tiger conservation movement or Project Tiger. According to data, one in every eight tigers of India, or 13 percent of Indian tigers roam freely in Jim Corbett National Park.

According to the latest survey, more than 200 tigers live in Jim Corbett National Park, which spreads across 2,000 square kilometers of grasslands, river belts, marshy depressions and hilly areas.

Presenting a healthy ecosystem, the park boasts of rich diversity in wildlife: with elephants, sloth bears, nilgai, sambar, various deer species including spotted deer, hog deer, and barking deer, and leopards sharing the habitat.

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