Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Rules for Tatkal Ticket Booking

Written by Anil Singh

In an effort to prevent ticket brokers/Agents from exploiting the Tatkal ticket booking, the Indian Railways yesterday made extensive changes to the Tatkal Ticket Booking Plan.

From now on wards, the Tatkal ticket will be available one day or 24 hours prior to the journey.
Earlier Tatkal tickets could be booked tow days before journey.

that apart, the Tatkal ticket booking will only be opened for public for the first two Hours. Only after that Registered Agents will be allowed to book tickets.

The new changes to the Tatkal ticket plan. will be effected in a week.

The The Tatkal Ticket will be Non-refundable and in order to book a Tatkal ticket, a person will have to attach a photocopy of his/her identity card with the Registration slip.

The Tatkal booking will open at 8:00 AM for public and at 10:00 AM for registered Agents. Those booking Tatkal tickets via e-booking (mostly used by Agents) will be able to book only up to 4 seats per Registration slip.

The union Government has also planned to make a new Nigam, named Railway Station Vikas Nigam limited for the development of Railway Stations.

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