Saturday 12 November 2011

Killing of Girl Child in Uttarakhand Poll Results: How Rampant is Sex Detection of unborn child in Uttarakhand?

Written by Anil Singh

How Rampant is Sex Detection of unborn child in Uttarakhand (using techniques like UltraSound etc.)

On the eve of Uttarakhand’s 11th foundation Day, Uttarakhand Governor Margaret Alva, listed several challenges before Uttarakhand even after 11 years of its creation.

One challenge she particularly emphasized on, was the decreasing number of girl child in Uttarakhand. A challenge which blurs even the 8 per cent increase in the literacy rate in Uttarakhand during the past one decade.

Is the situation that bleak, as expressed by the Honorable Governor in her Foundation Day speed?

The latest survey conducted by Uttarakhand Portal, asking its readers, the same question, the Honorable Governor raised:

Do you know someone in your family or friend-circle, who has ensured that his/her child in womb is a male; and aborted the child when found that the child is a Female?

And the survey/poll, which started on October 13 2011 and ended yesterday, echoes the concerns raised by the Uttarakhand Governor.

Not elaborating further, below are the survey findings. You as an aware individual assess the gravity of the problem, derive secondary inferences and decide what as a good human being needs to be done.

[ NOTE: As a publisher, you are free to publish this survey, after proper credits.]

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