Friday, 25 November 2011

Ramdevs,Hazares, Kejriwals benefiting from Lack of Politician Tag

Written by Anil Singh

To some, it may appear a highly uncomfortable view; but people like Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal etc. are actually ruining the fabric of not only democracy but of society.


There is a simple reason to it: They have surpassed their public role of "Civil society" and have started behaving like Pseudo politicians.

Now, there is no mandatory requirement in a democracy to contest election to raise one's voice.

But exercising one's freedom of speech and action in the absence of responsibility & accountability, creates problems.

Let I elaborate my point.

A real politician -- one who publicly calls himself/herself a politician or never disputes his/her politician tag in public, and contests elections at any level; exercises any authority or goodwill he/she receives for being a politician, ALONG WITH a much Bigger Responsibility.

In simple, a real politicians takes flowers and Bricks at the same time. And, for him/her there is no escape from these -- As he/she has publicly accepted his/her politician tag.

On contrary, the civil society members who keep on transgressing to the domain of real politicians; while still donning the Civil Society tag in public; in essence become Pseudo Politicians (false or unreal or illusionary Politicians)who use Politics whenever it suits them or there cause; but are always reluctant to take any responsibility, which any political action brings in return. Such civil society members are actually conducting a gorilla warfare in a society; which simply amounts to proliferating highly vague statements in public and then seeing the impact from some hideout.

The fact that such civil society members always benefit from the absence of a clear Tag; they remain protected from the people criticism; who (PEOPLE) habitually attack professional and social tags (Bad minister, Bad politician, Bad doctor, bad teacher etc.).

That's why Pseudo politicians like Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev are counter-productive for any democracy or society in a long run.

The movie Spiderman underlined this "Authority without Responsibility" scenario effectively when it said "With Ability comes Great Responsibility".

Now, some of you will debate that the above sermon in the movie; was for the POWERFUL and hence applies to people who take powerful and influential positions, like Ministers MPs, MLAs, Government officers etc.

I think the above thought applies to anyone who has authority. It applies to Parents, Elders, Superiors, politicians or anyone who wields authority over other.

The fact that some of these "people from Civil Society" exercise considerable authority (authority to speak, authority to assemble, authority to Give a call, authority to indoctrinate) over people; hence it applies to them (Anna Hazares, Ramdevs, kejriwals, Bedis) or anyone who publicly carries a Civil Society tag. Just as it applies to any other person in society.

But some of these Civil society members are surely misusing their civil society tags to further their political interests or to transgress into political sphere. And simply benefiting from not carrying a Politician Tag in Public. Take for instance yesterday's Slap-gate incident (A 27 year old sikh Youth slapped Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, for the latter's inability to contain Price Rise and act on corruption ).

Any sane person will condemn in strongest of words, a 27 year old slapping a 70 year old person. It will be difficult to defend the 27 year old, even if he had some personal dispute with the 70 year old. Let alone the reason the 27 year old offered for slapping the 70 year old.

But still, look at how Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev reacted to the incident. No doubt, they condemned the incident; but wasted no time to further their agenda, by linking the slapping incident to the public discontent on rising prices and corruption.

Let I ask you, is this the way we condemn things. Keep aside the question, whether slapping a minister will stop price rise or eradicate corruption from the country; just tell, did it look good to see a guy many years younger slapping an elder?

Will Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev start slapping their elders, if they assume they are not acting for their welfare?

No, they will not. The comments of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare, do not represent what they will practice if in a similar situation. Their comments were designed to take political advantage from the situation and were simply for public consumption.

Since both these persons don’t carry a politician tag in public; hence they can afford to rattle public sentiments by such statements; as it’s not their head ache if tomorrow, a son starts slapping his father, or a parent slaps a teacher for his son’s poor showing at school.

There are many variables involved, when it comes to rising prices and corruption; but supporting any action which ruins the fabric of a society and a democracy is least wanted. That apart, politics or politicians are not untouchables. Just look at countries which achieved independence around the same time India became independent; most of them are either bleeding under civil war or have some dictator. It’s the same Indian politicians and the inherent faith of an Indian on ballot, which brought us this far.

Let’s have our faith on Real Politicians, rather than these Civil Society tagged Pseudo politicians. Remember, your real politician takes your Flowers and Bricks. Pseudo Politicians like Ramdevs, Hazares and Kejriwals can accept your flowers; but you will never find them for your Bricks, as they are exercising authoririty over people without any responsibility.

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