Monday, 5 December 2011

Uttarakhand Domiciles can now Procure Important Uttarakhand Certificates in Delhi

Written by Anil Singh

People from Uttarakhand have migrated to all parts of India. But still Delhi is the first destination for countless Uttarakhand folks. To help such people, residing outside Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand Government has decided to provide them certificates including caste, income, birth and domicile at the Resident Commissioner's office in Delhi.

Te Government hopes that this decision will help applicants not have to rush to their village or tehsil for procuring such certificates. Notably, Uttarakhand people living outside Uttarakhand have to face the inconvenience of traveling to and fro to the State for getting certification and make numerous trips home to tehsil or other offices for the requisite documents.

With the new inititative, Uttarakhand Government has decided to issue such certificate to them at Delhi office. The State Government is going to start Janadhar e-service at Indra Prakash building, Barakhambha Road, New Delhi. The service will be inaugurated by Chief Minister BC Khanduri in Delhi on December 5.

NOTE: e-Janadhar services, run by National Information Centre (NIC) Uttarakhand, are operational in each tehsil of the State. But people, who reside outside the State, have to rush to the State for getting certificates. Now this service will be made available in Delhi. An initiative hoped to save people Time and Money.

Concerned officials are being trained on how to operate and how to issue the certificate to the bona fide or domicile candidates of Uttarakhand. To ensure that, only the domiciles of Uttarakhand get the certificate; the Officials at the Delhi Office, after receiving application from applicant, will forward the application to the concerned tehsil in Uttarakhand. After the concerned tehsil office prepares the document, the certificates will be delivered to the applicant at the Delhi counter.


Now depending on one’s perspective to interpret such things; many people in Uttarakhand are already suspecting the possibility of a misuse of this arrangement -- Which can’t be ruled out as shallow as well. Not to say -- the onus of issuing the certificates ONLY to the eligible candidates always rests on those issuing them. If they don’t do their work honestly; there’s always a possibility of misuse.

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