Thursday, 22 March 2012

BSNL makes changes to Plan and Tarrif vouchers

Written by Anil Singh

Abiding to the TRAI guidelines, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has made some changes to its Plan Voucher and Tariff voucher.

Below are said changes:

All Vouchers will apply to Pre-paid service. The plans can be used by both existing and new customers. Under the new changes -- BSNL will now offer only three voucher plans to a subscribers -- Plan, Top-up and Special Tariff.

Plan Voucher: With Plan voucher, a consumer can chose his/her plan. That's a plan voucher is one time voucher, which activates a service of choice of the customer. Existing consumers can choose a new plan and increase their validity. For this the subscriber will have to pay a fee.

Top-up Voucher: With a Top-up voucher, a customer will get a said Talk Time value in Rupees

Special-Tariff Voucher: Under Special Tariff voucher, a customer can opt for a Special Tariff Plan,for a limited period of time (maximum 90 days or 3 months)

The existing Prepaid plan will now be changed to Saral Anant Plan, Prati Second Plan, Prati Minute Plan, General Plan, Pyari Jodi Plan, Student Plan and Jai Jawan Plan.

How To chose a Plan (You will be using one time Plan Voucher):

Saral Anant Plan: Will have to be activated with a Rs 36 Plan voucher. After that, the customer will have to recharge the plan with Rs 200 every 6 months.

Prati Second Plan: Have to activate it with a Rs 42 Plan voucher.

Prati Minute Plan: Have to activate it with a Rs 37 Plan voucher.

General Plan: Have to activate it with a Rs 38 Plan voucher.

Pyari Jodi Plan: For loving couples. Have to activate it with a Rs 33 Plan voucher.

Student Plan: For Students. Have to activate it with a Rs 40 Plan voucher.

Jai Jawan Plan: For Defense personnel. Have to activate it with a Rs 32 Plan voucher.


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