Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lost red necked bulbul of Uttarakhand: A Movie about Children searching the Bird amidst problems of ecological degradation & displacement in Uttarakhand

Written by Anil Singh

What happens when a group of children, amidst real life tragedies of displacement and ecological degration, set out in search of the red necked bulbul which they refer to as the red necked fairy?

Result: A modern day Parable named, PARI MAHAL - Cinema in Education project, Uttaranchal (2010).

Pari Mahal Means 'Palace of a Fairy'.

The movie, shared below, is a conscious mix of how the gradual drying up of the Ganga River System due to Big Dam Projects & Deforestation in Tehri Garhwal, lack of employment and resulting displacement; is robbing our kids and future leaders, of the pristine Uttarakhand. The movie is being told by children who set out in search of red necked bulbul of Uttarakhand – A Bird seen as a litmus test for pristine (in its natural state or untouched) Uttarakhand Hills.

Movie Credits:

The film was made with the Children of the villages SABLI & CHOPRIALI (Uttaranchal) as a part of our Cinema in Eduction workshop.

Producer : Anupama Bose
Director : Taqi Imam
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues : Dipankar Giri
Workshop Director : Rajneesh Bisht
DOP : Ashraf

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