Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tongue is a two edged sword

Written by Anil Singh

Your words decide the kind of life you live. Tongue is instrumental in creating these words. Which words you create using your tongue is entirely up to you.

Have you ever observed that, how use of tongue makes and breaks the prospects in one's life. Let I give you an example.

If we believe that, it's the people we interact with, are the ones who create opportunities in our lives; then you will also believe that "offending a person, who could bring us universe of opportunites" could have the potential negative impact in our lives.

If you give a thought to what actually offended that particular person; then you will find that 99 out of 100 times, it's the non-judicous use of the tongue.

Imagine what offending this person would mean to the rest of your life: If he/she belongs to that group of people, who when offended, live the grudge the rest of their lives.

To summarize: Tongue indeed can decide the quality of one's life. So try to use it judiciously.

As proverbial wisdom has said,

A Honeyed Tongue is Dear to Everyone, Wile a Rough and biting one hurts ALL.

NOTE: But talking sweet doesn't mean sycophancy; If you don't find anything praiseworthy about a person, Give rest to your tongue. Keep quite.


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