Wednesday, 25 April 2012

After 70, Overeating May Harm Memory

Written by Anil Singh

After 70, Overeating May Harm Memory.

According to a recent study by the researchers at the Mayo Clinic,

The more you eat daily once you reach the age of 70, the higher your risk for memory problems (doubles the risk), and possibly Alzheimer's disease.

How the Study is conducted:

The researchers arrived at this conclusion after analyzing data on more than 1,200 seniors in Olmstead County, Minnesota.

The Researchers divided the participants into three groups:

Gropu 1 consumed between 2,143 and 6,000 calories per day
Group 2 consumed between 1,526 and 2,142 calories per day
Group 3 consumed between 600 and 1,525 calories per day

The Study found that the participants in Group 1 have double the risk of Alzheimer’s compared to Group 3. Group 2 which consumed between 1,526 and 2,142 daily calories had no added risk of Alzheimer's.

The study doesn’t say that the overeating causes memory problems, or Alzheimer’s but may mean that cutting back on calories could be good for the brain.

The study is to be presented in April at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.


To many, the findings of the study will appear as another attempt to link food with obesity. That’s overeating leads to obesity, and obesity leads to many health problems; including, may be a memory loss after 70.
But the findings of the study bring to fore one more important pointer.

That, eating many times a day (like 5 times a day) may not be that good for the body and the brain. As when a person sits to eat more times; he/she is bound to eat more food.

For this reason, many cultures like in India, prohibit people from eating more than three times a day. The logic there is more religious sounding than scientific – that’s it’s not good to “contaminate your mouth with food” every now and then. But on the very core, the rules are quite scientific. To ensure that people adhere to this rule: Hinduism in India, prescribes purity rules for food. These rules include: not taking food without a bath, not taking footwear to kitchen, cooking and taking food with clean and washed clothes, not taking food after 7 in the evening etc.

The basic objective behind all these rules, is to ensure sound body and mind health. The rules are also meant to ensure hygiene in cooked food. Hygeine is important for two reasons: One is for the sake of hygiene itself and two; to remove the ‘Yuk’ factor from cooked food. Remember if food is not cooked in a clean manner; the eater will not be able to get the best benefits the food can impart; as mentally he/she will not find the food inviting.

Hence irrespective of your age; try following the Hindu rules for dining. One rule which can be adopted easily is "not contaminate one's mouth with food" more than three times a day. Going for vegetarian food, 9 out of 10 times helps as well; but adopting that as well is up to you. BTW, plant based food is found to be good for your brain.

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