Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Left Side of your Face is Better: Study has proved it

Written by Anil Singh

I always thought, and even mentioned to friends that my Left side of the face (draw an imaginary vertical line, dividing your face into two halves, Left and Right) is better looking than the right one.

My Left side of the Face looks more firm and hence feature-wise better looking; the Right one looks a bit sagged. Up to now i was clueless about the possible reason.

But now the picture is some clearer. Not only mine, but your Left side of the face is indeed better, as a scientific study supports my perceptions.

According to a scientific study, there no longer remains a question of which is your best side. Everyone, it seems, agrees that left is best. Wake Forest University psychology professor Dr. James Schirillo and co-author Kelsey Blackburn published their findings in the journal Experimental Brain Research, stating that we humans prefer looking at the left side of a face, finding it more pleasant than the right.

How the Study is conducted:

The two researchers took photos of 10 male and 10 female faces, and created a series of originals and mirror images (made the right face profile appear Left). When asked, 37 male and female college students overwhelmingly favored the left side, and it didn’t matter whether the left side was the original or the mirrored version.

Researchers also noted that when rating the cheeks, test subjects had larger pupil sizes when looking at the left cheek compared to the right. A growing pupil signifies looking at a positive image.

What to Do the next Time:

Next time, if you make a profile pose for a photograph; make sure you put your left profile towards the camera. That way your photo will appear beautiful.

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