Sunday, 15 April 2012

Free travel scheme for girls to continue, but with a few changes

Written by Anil Singh

The new Uttarakhand government has decided to continue Free travel scheme for girls in the state, but with a few changes.

Under the new plans, which are already been approved by the Cabinet, and aim at rationalizing the free travel facility for girl students in buses of the state government; the free travel is restricted to schooldays only.

Thereby, the facility of free bus travel would not be available on Sundays and other school holidays.

The Government hopes that the changes made in the scheme, started by previous BJP Government, would put an end to the misuse of the scheme.

A suggestion for the Government: Even on the school days; The Government can issue time and Institution bound travel cards to girls. So that, the chances of the misuse of Free travel scheme for girls in the state, are minimized further.

For instance, in their Free travel I Card; it should be clearly mentioned the institution of study, the timings of classes, and the place of residence. This way the scheme will be used by only those girls who are going to their study institution.

Since the future of this Scheme depends on its use by those who really need the assistance; hence the Government should not include in the Scheme, travel for private tuitions, or coaching. Especially in the first few years of the Service.

The simple logic for making the scheme highly limited is to ensure that the scheme is used by those who really need it. As, if a Girl attends some private tuitions, coaching, hobby class etc. then it shows two things 1) She comes from a family affluent enough to spend on her commute; and 2) Her parents having keen desire to spend on her studies.

To ensure the success of the scheme, the Government can restrict the scheme for girls from poor sections of society.

It should be remembered that "a penny once spent can't be spent twice". Hence, the Governments should spend the money in the best way possible -- so that the schemes are used by those who are eligible for it. Here, it's important to mention that, BPL cards are even issued to those families who are not under Poverty lines. BPL cards are even issued to people who are in Civil Government Services and armed forces. Although, the onus of not availing of schemes, one is not eligible to, rests on citizens as well; but many a times people seem to be deprived of any such ethics. That's why Governments have to implement strict rules.

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