Sunday 23 June 2013

Uma Bharti Madam, Please don't make irresponsible statements!

Written by Anil Singh

Uma Bharti appears to be still nursing the Dharidevi hurt. Speaking at Jhansi, the BJP leader blamed the Congress led Uttarakhand Government for the massive landslides (resulting from heavy rains and floods) in Uttarakhand hills. Lambasting the Uttarakhand CM Vijay Bahuguna over Uttarakhand calamity, the saffron wearing politician accused the Government of inefficient management in handling Kedarnath disaster. According to Ms Uma Bharti, the Forest department knew well in advance that the lakes on high altitudes had overfilled due to continuous heavy rainfall and still Bahuguna did not sound any warning. The chief minister also took no pain to avert the situation.

Now, Uma Bharti may have known about Kedarnath area better than anyone, but still she is making an unnecessary statement.


As you don't normally manipulate environmentally sensitive areas. They are regulated by nature on its own. If you start emptying every lake in Himalayan region for the fear of landslide; then all these lakes will vanish in a decade. These lakes are natural. They are formed on their own. They get emptied on their own too. We humans have no role to play there. Landslides, cloud bursting (large amount of rain in a very small time),avalanches are natural happenings in Himalayan Zone. This destruction and recreation is happening from thousands of years. It's not nature's fault, if humans make their houses, temples, shops in the path of these landslides and floods.

I tried to create How Kedarnath Looked Like in 1985 and what it looked like in 2013. You will get a fair idea, why the Temple is least destroyed, while everything else got gutted:

Kedarnath 1985

Kedarnath 2003

To understand this better, let I give you an example. We all know that a Tiger kills a deer in a forest. Sometimes a hungry tiger kills a fawn (baby deer) as well. A wildlife photographer even when witness to this unsettling killing, doesn't kill the tiger to save the Fawn. As it's how things go in a forest. The moment every deer is saved, Tigers will die of hunger; and whole food pyramid is destroyed.

Another statement, Uma Bharti ji made is regarding the Dhari Devi Temple. She said, the displacement of Dharidevi idol, has resulted in this disaster.

To tell you, this statement is the height of pretence and malice (in Hindi "Durbhawana"). It shows how much grudge the Sandhvi is harbouring for Pro-dam supporters in the Dhari Devi region. Attributing everything to God's anger is the simplest thing anyone can do, every time a natural calamity happens. It may or may not be God's anger, as we humans can't possibly know of Almighty's plans. But what is unfortunate here is that Uma Bharti ji is using God to dilute the valid demands of locals in the Dharidevi area. If locals see the dam as an opportunity to get rehabilitated to cities like Rishikesh and Dehradun, then it's quite a valid demand. That way they will get their children better education and resources. In short, if Uma Bharti has to attribute Dharidevi's displacement as the reason for the calamity; then she should do that by bringing the ill effects of Dams. Using God to prove one's point is totally unethical.

What is happening in Uttarakhand right now, is plain politics.  But the politics is not constructive. BJP's Narendra Modi visited Uttarakhand yesterday, and offered to rebuild Kedarnath Shrine (Temple).

Ask yourself, what is important right now, People or Temple?

The offer to rebuild the Kedarnath Temple is Modi's way of milking his Hindutva image. But sadly, furthering Hindutva image will not benefit those people who need much needed Help.

Right now, all the focus is on the pilgrims. What about those Uttarakhand people, who  need to rebuild their villages and homes? They will need much money to start their lives again.  For that they will need money; and Modi hasn't given any substantial money yet. Even when someone gives maximum help, the entire money should go to help people. Gods are almighty. They don't need us to rescue them.

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