Thursday, 5 April 2012

IPL Opening Ceremony and the desire to register a Protest!

Written by Anil Singh

While watching the IPL Opening Ceremony two days ago; I noticed an issue, which affects the common man thoroughly.

That issue was: The entire Ceremony was conducted in ENGLISH!

When, as a Hindi Speaking Nation, where even our National Language is Hindi; the ceremony should be in Hindi. even though, the BCCI is not legally bound to conduct the Opening Ceremony in Hindi; I will still protest.

Why? As in our country we register our protest on such issues related to Language.

TO remind you, if BJP MLAs can vociferously protest Uttarakhand Governor's partly English Speech in Uttarakhand Assembly; then why why can't we protest the discrepancy at IPL Opening Ceremony?

TO be honest: I think, no one, including I, should rabble rouse on issues like language use, when we have much bigger issues before us. The issues of poverty, hunger, lack of adequate medical cover, and unemployment.

Language could be a source for pride for many; but there's very little need to snub someone if he/she chooses to speak in some other language. After all languages, grow when they are linked to jobs and economic prosperity. If you have better chances to land a job by having fluency in English (BPO jobs, teaching jobs for instance); then you will try to have fluency in English. Sanskrit and Urdu, are an excellent example of why languages die.

Hence, Opposition party in Uttarakhand, should try protest about, real issues than just 'Hollow ones'. And if they focus, there will be plenty such issues; as Governments like people are never perfect.

On the other day, Bishan Singh Chuphal, the BJP President Uttarakhand, was criticizing the new CM Vijay Bahuguna for irregularity in portfolio distribution (ministry distribution). His blame was, the CM has kept too many ministries to him.

To tell you, this is rabble rousing (in hindi 'Meen Mek Nikalna') of second kind. If The new Government had made more ministers; then Mr.s Chuphal would have blamed the CM for distributing ministries like 'prasad'; now he's blaming inefficiency.

If one looks at Mr.s Chufal's assertion closely; then the CM 'keeping to him 22 ministries' is far better than, the former CM BC Khanduri, keeping 'all transfer rights in all departments with him'. One man ensuring that all transfer cases go by his table, is a much tiring activity to take on each day.

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