Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Too many experts in Congress, ruining the party; BJP is NOT an Exception

Written by Anil Singh

It may not be good in Mr. Harish Rawat's interest to quit the party...

But the way Congress party decided to choose Uttarakhand's new CM, also speaks volumes about 'party's sheer disregard for leaders who actually command people's mandate OR who actually fight & win elections'.

And this demoralizes not only the party worker at the lowest of levels, who toils day in and day out for their leader; but also the voter who votes for their chosen candidate.

This demoralizes the entire edifice on which Indian democracy stands.

Any one ask Congress, does the party find no one among its 32 MLAs capable enough to head the state? If the Answer to this question is a Yes; then on what moral ground, the party asked votes for the same candidates?

The question is not for Congress alone. In the previous BJP Government, Why did BJP bring General Khanduri to head the state? Didn't it find a single person from its winning MLAs capable enough to become the CM?

This is not Good for Indian democracy. 'Arm Chair Politicians' (who can't win elections, but strangely are considered experts) can be found in all political parties. These so called experts, always need 'a safe seat to become an MLA or MP'; but are always in a hurry, to teach 'real politicians who fight elections' nuances of politics.

In the previous Government, BJP ignored the likes of Matbar Singh Kadari and Harbans Kapoor; for parachute candidate like BC Khanduri; in the current effort, Congress ignored Harak Singh Rawat, Rajkumar, Indira Hridyesh, Yashpal Arya etc.

A request to political parties: If you plan to bring a parachute candidate for CM's post; then don't ask votes for your contesting candidates. As if you don't have faith on them, then why ask the voter to do so!

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